12 FREE Vegetable, Herb and Flower Seed Packets

Snag 12 FREE Vegetable, Herb, and Flower Seed Packets! The pack includes 12 different baggies of seeds, from Johnny’s Seeds.

Get this freebie HERE.

What’s in the Free Seed Pack:
Carrot (25 seeds) Bolero variety
Radish (50 seeds) mix of Easter Egg multicolor mix and Pink Celebration varieties
Turnip (200 seeds) Purple Top White Globe turnip variety
Bunching Onion (120 seeds) Evergreen Hardy White variety
Basil (200 seeds) Mix of Genovese, Red Rubin, Sweet Thai, Kapoor Tulsi and Lemon varieties
Chive (40 seeds) Mix of Purly, Staro and Chinese Leeks/Garlic Chives varieties
Dill (100 seeds) Mix of Bouquet and Teddy varieties
Herb Mix (400 seeds) Mix of Lemon Balm, Greek Oregano and Chamomile
Kale (40 seeds) Mix of Toscano/ Lacinato/ Dinosaur kale, Red Russian and White Russian varieties
Arugula (170 seeds) Esmee variety
Mustard Green (70 seeds) Mix of Red Giant and Green Wave mustard green varieties and Choi Sum (Asian Green)
Flower Mix / Beneficial Insect Attractant Mix (flowers) (100 seeds) This mix contains approximately 19 different plants that attract beneficial insects.

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