Hurry! 2 Days Left to Save on Kellogg’s, Milk, & More w/ Checkout51!



Just a reminder, the Checkout51 offers will expire on Wednesday 1/15. They add new offers every Thursday. Checkout51 is a new way to save money. It’s similar to Ibotta, except you don’t need a smartphone. You just take a picture of the receipt, and upload it from your computer. They also have a mobile app you can use to take a picture of the receipt, and upload it. Plus, when you sign up now, and submit your first receipt over $20,  you’ll get $2.00 cash back! I’m always looking for more ways to save money, and this is a great way to save even more on products you already use. Go HERE to sign up.

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You will get a $2.00 bonus when you spend $20.00 on your first uploaded receipt. Below are the offers currently available until Wednesday 1/15/14.

  • $1.00 cash back: 1 gallon of milk Any brand, any variety. Excludes flavored and non-dairy varieties.
  • $2.00 cash back: AVEENO Facial Care Products Any variety. Excludes cleansing bars and moisturizing bars.
  • $3.00 cash back: RoC Anti-Aging Products Any variety. Excludes trial sizes.
  • $1.00 cash back: Buy 2: Kellogg’s Special K Cereal Any variety. Items must appear on the same receipt.
  • $2.00 cash back Buy 2: Kellogg’s Special K Protein Meal Bars Any variety. Excludes Special K Protein Snack Bars. Items must appear on the same receipt.
  • $1.00 cash back: Buy 2: Kellogg’s Special K Nourish Hot Cereal Any variety. Items must appear on the same receipt.
  • $1.00 cash back: Buy 2: belVita Soft Baked Breakfast Biscuits 8.8 oz, any variety. Items must appear on the same receipt.
  • $1.00 cash back: Buy 2: HALLS Drops Bags Bags 17 count or higher, any variety. Items must appear on the same receipt.
  • $1.00 cash back: RITZ bits Multipack 12 count RITZ bits multipack (12 oz).
  • $1.00 cash back: Buy 2: TRISCUIT Crackers 7.6 oz or larger, any variety. Items must appear on the same receipt.
  • $1.00 cash back FAGE Total yogurt 35.3 oz size, any variety.
  • $0.50 cash back Lender’s Bagels Any package of 5 or more bagels.
  • $0.50 cash back Hillshire Farm Deli Select lunchmeat 8 oz or larger, any variety.
  • $.50 cash back Scottie’s Facial Tissue Any box or multi-pack.
  • $0.50 cash back Earthbound Farm Organic Carrots Any variety. Excludes Dippin’ Doubles carrots & Ranch Dip.
  • Any grocery trip over $60 for a chance to win $500† Submit a grocery receipt over $60 and you could win $500!

Go HERE to sign up.

Google Chrome Extension Study = Free Gift Cards




Here’s another way to earn money with gift cards from Google!  Google is building a new panel to learn more about how everyday people use the internet and mobile devices. Google has a new Google Chrome Extension Study that you can use  to earn rewards, and redeem them for gift cards such as; Barnes and Noble, Sephora, Zappos, and Expedia, Walmart, Amazon + many more!

Google’s panel management partner, uSamp, will give you your first reward of up to $8 seven days after you sign up, download the Screenwise browser extension, and install the mobile meter. You’ll get an additional gift of up to $2 every week for staying with it.

To be eligible to join, you must be 13 or older, have a Google Account (or sign up for one), and be ready to use the Google Chrome browser (on your personal computer), and have a qualifying smartphone. To sign up go HERE.


Sunday 1/12 Coupon Insert Preview



This Sunday, 1/12 we will have (2) coupon insertS. We will get, (1) RedPlum, and (1) SmartSource in the Sunday Paper. Coupons vary by region. So you may not get the same coupons in your paper, but the coupons are usually similar.

1/12 SmartSource

$0.75/1 7Up Ten, A&W Ten, Canada Dry Ten, RC Ten or Sunkist Ten Soda, exp. 2/28/14
$2/1 Benefiber Product, exp. 3/12/14
$6/2 Benefiber Product, exp. 3/12/14
$0.75/2 Betty Crocker Ultimate Potatoes, Ultimate Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper or Ultimate Chicken Helper Home Cooked Skillet Dish, exp. 3/8/14
$1.50/1 Birds Eye Recipe Ready, exp. 3/9/14
$1/1 Blink Tears or Blink Geltears Lubricating Eye Drops, exp. 2/17/14
$0.35/1 Blistex Lip Care Product, exp. 2/16/14
$0.50/5 Campbell’s Condensed Chicken Noodle, Tomato, or Mushroom Soup, exp. 3/15/14
$0.40/3 Campbell’s Condensed Soup, exp. 3/5/14
$0.50/2 Campbell’s Homestyle Soup, exp. 3/15/14
$0.75/1 Campbell’s Slow Cooker or Skillet Sauce, exp. 3/31/14
$0.75/1 Celestial Seasonings Tea Bags, exp. 4/12/14
$1/1 Chi-Chi’s Frozen Appetizer, exp. 3/15/14
$1/2 Chi-Chi’s Salsa or Tortillas, exp. 3/15/14
$1/2 Claussen Pickles, exp. 3/9/14
$1/1 Complete Blink-N-Clean Lens Drops or Blink Contacts Lubricant Eye Drops, exp. 2/17/14
$1/1 Complete Multi-Purpose Solution, exp. 2/17/14
$1/1 Cooked Perfect Bites, exp. 4/6/14
$1/1 Cooked Perfect Meatballs, exp. 4/6/14
$0.50/2 Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths, exp. 2/23/14
$0.50 off Cottonelle Toilet Paper, exp. 2/23/14
$1/1 Cream of Wheat Variety, exp. 3/31/14
$1/1 Curel Moisturizer, exp. 2/15/14
$1/1 Dei Fratelli Truly Tomato Juice or Veggie Juice, exp. 3/31/14
$0.50/1 Dei Fratelli Truly Tomatoes Product, exp. 3/31/14
$0.50/1 Dentek Floss Pick or Interdental Cleaner, exp. 2/9/14
$1/1 Depend Product, exp. 2/22/14
$2/1 Depend Shields or Guards For Men, exp. 2/22/14
$0.50/1 Dole All Natural Fruit Jar, exp. 3/31/14
$0.50/1 Fiber One Cereal, exp. 2/22/14
$1/2 Fisher Snack Nut Items, exp. 3/15/14
$1/4 Fisher Trail Mix Items, exp. 3/15/14
$1/1 French’s Crunch Time Entree, exp. 3/31/14
$1.50/2 Freschetta Pizza Product, exp. 2/28/14
$1.25/1 Gas-X Product, exp. 4/12/14
$2.75/2 Gas-X Product, exp. 4/12/14
$1.50/1 Gevalia Cappuccino, Mocha Latte or Caramel Macchiato, exp. 2/8/14
$1.50/1 Gevalia Coffee, exp. 2/8/14
$3/1 Glade Plug-ins Scented Oil Customizables Starter Kit, exp. 2/22/14
$1/1 Glade Plug-ins Scented Oil Refills, exp. 2/22/14
$1 off Glade Sense & Spray Refills, exp. 2/22/14
$3/1 Glade Sense & Spray Starter Kit, exp. 2/22/14
$1/2 Halls Drops, exp. 2/23/14
$1/1 High Liner Sea Cuisine Product, exp. 3/15/14
$1/2 Jell-O Refrigerated Snack, exp. 2/9/14
$1/1 Jergens Moisturizer, exp. 2/1/14
$2/3 Ken’s Dressing, exp. 2/28/14
$1/2 Ken’s Dressing, exp. 2/28/14
$0.50 off Kleenex Facial Tissue, exp. 2/8/14
$1/2 Kleenex Hand Towels, exp. 2/23/14
$2 off Lee Kum Kee Soy Sauce wyb Lee Kum Kee Hoisin Sauce, exp. 6/30/14
$1/2 Maruchan Bowl, exp. 3/15/14
$1/2 Maruchan Yakisoba, exp. 3/15/14
$0.75/2 McCormick Perfect Pinch Seasoning Blend, exp. 3/9/14
$2/1 Mitchum Product, exp. 2/16/14
$0.55/1 Motts Snack & Go Pouch, Single Serve Applesauce or Medley’s Snack Cups, exp. 3/9/14
$2/1 Move Free Advanced Product, exp. 6/10/14
$4/1 Move Free Ultra Omega, Move Free Ultra and Gummies, exp. 6/10/14
$0.75/1 Multi Grain Cheerios, Peanut Butter Cheerios, Dark Chocolate Crunch Cereal, exp. 2/22/14
$0.40/1 New York Brand Frozen Product, exp. 3/15/14
$0.50/1 New York Brand Garlic Knots, exp. 3/15/14
$1/1 Oscar Mayer Carving Board Meat, exp. 3/9/14
$1/2 Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Lunch Meat, exp. 3/9/14
$1.50/1 Pledge Floorcare Product, exp. 2/23/14
$5/1 Prevacid 24 HR Product, exp. 2/23/14
$0.50/1 Real Simple Magazine, exp. 4/18/14
$1/2 Revlon Eye Product, exp. 2/16/14
$2/1 Revlon Foundation, Powder, Concealer, Primer, Blush, BB or CC Cream, exp. 2/16/14
$1/1 Revlon Lip Product, exp. 2/16/14
$1/1 Revlon Nail Enamel, exp. 2/16/14
$2/1 Schick Quattro For Men or Women Disposable Razor Pack, exp. 2/9/14
$2/1 Schick ST2 or ST3 or Schick Slim Twin Disposable, exp. 2/9/14
$2/1 Schick Xtreme3 Disposable, exp. 2/9/14
$1/2 Scott 1000 Tissue, exp. 2/22/14
$1/1 Scott Extra Bath Tissue, exp. 2/22/14
$0.50/1 Scott Naturals Flushable Cleansing Cloths, exp. 2/22/14
$1/1 Scott Paper Towels, exp. 2/22/14
$0.75/1 Scrubbing Bubbles All Purpose Cleaner with Fantastik, exp. 2/23/14
B1G1 Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel, exp. 2/22/14
$1/2 Smart Balance Buttery Spread, exp. 2/26/14
$0.50/1 Smart Balance Spreadable Butter, exp. 2/26/14
$1.50/1 South Beach Diet Meal Bars, Protein Fit Bars, or 100 Calorie Smoothies, exp. 2/28/14
$1/1 South Beach Diet Snack Bars, exp. 2/28/14
$0.75/1 Total Whole Grain or Raisin Bran, exp. 2/22/14
$5/2 Triaminic Product, exp. 1/19/14
$0.50/2 V8 Splash, exp. 3/14/14
$1/1 Viva Paper Towels, exp. 2/23/14
B1G1 Windex Touch-Up Cleaner, exp. 2/22/14
$3/4 Windex, Pledge, Shout or Scrubbing Bubbles Product, exp. 2/23/14
$2/3 Windex, Pledge, Shout or Scrubbing Bubbles Product, exp. 2/22/14
$0.50/1 Wonderful Almond Accents, exp. 3/12/14
$1 off YoCrunch Product, exp. 3/15/14
$0.75/2 Ziploc Brand Bags, exp. 2/22/14


1/12 RedPlum

$1/3 Del Monte Harvest Selects Vegetables, exp. 4/6/14
$0.75/1 Del Monte Seasoned Vegetables, exp. 3/9/14
$1/1 Eczemin, exp. 3/31/14
$1.50/1 Emergen-C Vitamin Supplement Drink Mix, exp. 2/28/14
$0.40/1 Fleischmann’s Yeast Strip or Jar, exp. 2/9/14
$1/1 Folgers Gourmet Selections, exp. 3/31/14
$0.50/1 Gain Detergent or Gain Fabric Enhancer, exp. 2/28/14
$1/2 Gain Detergent or Gain Fabric Enhancer, exp. 2/28/14
$2/1 Garnier Fructis Shampoo Contioner, exp. 2/22/14
$1/1 Garnier Fructis Styler Product, exp. 3/8/14
$2/1 Garnier Fructis Treatment, exp. 2/22/14
$2/1 Garnier Moisturizer, exp. 3/8/14
$3/1 Garnier Olia Haircolor, exp. 3/8/14
$1/1 Gillette Anti Perspirant or Deodorant, exp. 2/28/14
$1/1 Jones Canadian Bacon, exp. 3/12/14
$1/1 L’Oreal Extraordinaire By Colour Riche or any L’Oreal Paris Lip Product, exp. 3/8/14
$2/1 L’Oreal Oleo Therapy, EverPure, EverStrong, EverSleek, EverCreme, EverCurl Shampoo or Conditioner, exp. 3/8/14
$2/1 L’Oreal Oleo Therapy, EverPure, EverStrong, EverSleek, EverCreme, EverCurl Treatment or EverStyle Product, exp. 3/8/14
$1/1 L’Oreal Paris Eye Product, exp. 3/8/14
$1/1 L’Oreal Paris Eye Shadow or Liner, exp. 3/8/14
$3/1 L’Oreal Preference Haircolor, exp. 3/8/14
$1/1 L’Oreal Studio Line Styling Product, exp. 3/8/14
$1/1 Maybelline Fit Me New York Face Product, exp. 3/8/14
$0.55/2 McCormick Gravy, exp. 2/9/14
$1.50/3 Mrs. T’s Pierogies, exp. 2/22/14
$2/1 Nature’s Bounty Optimal Solutions Product, exp. 3/9/14
$1/1 Nyquil Severe Product or Dayquil, exp. 2/28/14
$1/1 Old Spice Anti-Perspirant or Deodorant, exp. 2/28/14
$2/1 Old Spice Body Spray, exp. 2/28/14
$1/1 Psoriasin Product, exp. 3/31/14
$0.75/2 Quaker Bars Cookies, or Popped Rice Snacks, exp. 2/28/14
$0.75/2 Quaker Oatmeal, Instant Oatmeal, or Cold Cereal, exp. 2/28/14
$1/1 Secret Clinical, exp. 2/28/14
$1/1 Secret Outlast, Scent Expressions or Destinations, exp. 2/28/14
$0.50/1 SuperPretzel PretzelDogs Product, exp. 2/28/14
$0.50/1 SuperPretzel Product, exp. 2/28/14
$1/1 Tennessee Pride Breakfast Sandwich, exp. 2/23/14
$1/4 Uncle Bens Rice Product, exp. 3/9/14
$1/1 Vicks Product, exp. 2/28/14
$0.75/1 Welch’s Natural Spread, exp. 3/30/14
$1/1 Working Hands or Healthy Feet Cream, exp. 3/10/14




18″ Sterling Silver Double Heart Crystal Necklace $2.19 + Free Shipping



I simply adore this beautiful Double Heart Crystal Necklace! It would be a great Valentines Day gift idea, or little something for yourself.  For just $2.19 + Free Shipping, you can’t go wrong. I liked this necklace so much, I ordered one for myself.  Remember, Amazon prices subject to change without notice, or may no longer be available. Go HERE to order.

Hurry Limited Time! $69 for a 7-inch Google Android 4.1 Tablet



WOW! I found an super hot deal for a 7-inch Google Android 4.1 Tablet! For a limited time  you can get this great tablet for just $69.00! This is an amazing price! Below are some of the top features:

  • 83% off a 7-inch Android tablet with Wi-Fi
  • 8GB, multi-touch Google Android 4.1 tablet
  • Both front- and rear-facing cameras
  • Choose from: black, light blue, green, white, pink, yellow or orange
  • Package includes: tablet, AC adapter, USB cable, USB adapter, HDMI cable and user guide
  • Can support a MicroSD memory card for additional storage

Go HERE to get this Hot deal! Act fast before they’re gone!