Sunday 9/29 Coupon Insert Preview


This Sunday, 9/29, we will have (3) coupon inserts. (1) P&G, (1) RedPlum, (1)SmartSource. I look forward to the P&G insert. They only come out once a month, and always have great coupons. Here are what coupons to expect on Sunday. Remember, coupons vary by region. This coupon preview is provided by Coupons for Couponers. You can order whole uncut inserts for only $0.60 each! They provide fast shipping, and I order from them every week. They have the best prices! Go HERE to check out their website.



Always $1.50/2 pads or liners

Aussie $1/2 shampoo, conditioner or styler products

Bounty $.25/1 napkins

Bounty $.25/1 towel or napkins

Cascade $.50/1 dishwasher detergent or rinse aid

Cascade $1.50/2 dishwasher detergent or rinse aid

Charmin $.25/1 product

Charmin $1/1 16ct double roll or 8 mega roll pack+

Clairol $5/2 hair color boxes

Covergirl $1.50/1 product excludes accessories

Covergirl $2/1 Clump Crusher or Blast Mascara

Covergirl $4/2 Outlast Lipcolor or Double LipShine products

Crest $.50/1 toothpaste 4oz+ excludes Cavity, Baking Soda and Tartar Control

Crest $1.50/1 Rinse 458mL+

Dawn $.25/1

Dawn $.50/1 Hand Renewal, Power Clean, Bleach Alternative or Oxi

Downy $1/1

Duracell $.50/1 CopperTop, Quantum, Ultra Photo Lithium, Specialty batteries, rechargeable batteries, charger or 6pk+ hearing aid batteries

Duracell/Hasbro $5 off both ABC Adventure Elefun or Elefun Busy Ball Popper toy and Quantum AA or AAA 6 or CopperTop AA or AAA 8 or C or D 4 (10/27/13)

Duracell/Hasbro $5 off both Chasin Cheeky game and Quantum AA or AAA 6 or CopperTop AA or AAA 8 or C or D 4 (10/27/13)

Duracell/Hasbro $5 off both Daisy Plays-With-Me Kitty or Trixie The Skateboarding Pup and Quantum AA or AAA 6 or CopperTop AA or AAA 8 or C or D 4 (10/27/13)

Febreze $.75/1 candle

Febreze $.75/1 Fabric Refresher

Febreze $.75/1 Set & Refresh or Stick & Refresh

Febreze $1/1 Air Effects

Febreze $1/1 car vent clip

Febreze Buy NOTICEables refill, get NOTICEables warmer free up to $3.50

Fixodent Buy denture adhesive twin pack, get denture adhesive 2oz+ free up to $5.29

Gillette $1/1 antiperspirant/deodorant or body wash

Gillette $2/1 Fusion Shave Prep

Gillette $3/1 Fusion ProGlide razor (10/31/13)

Gillette Buy Mach3 cartridge, get $2 off Mach3 razor

Head & Shoulders $2/1 shampoo or conditioner products excludes 1.7oz

Luvs $1/2 bags or 1 box diapers

Metamucil $1/1 product

Olay $1/1 bar, body wash, in-shower body lotion or hand & body lotion excludes 1ct

Olay $1/1 facial moisturizer or cleanser excludes Pro-X, Regenerist, Total Effects and Age Defying

Olay $2/1 Total Effects or Age Defying facial moisturizer or cleanser

Olay $3/1 Regenerist or Pro-X facial moisturizer

Old Spice $2/2 products

Oral-B $.50/1 Glide floss 35m+ or picks 30ct+

Oral-B $.50/1 Pulsar, 3D White, Pro-Health, Complete or 2 Indicator or Cavity Defense toothbrushes

Oral-B $5/1 replacement brush heads 2 or 3ct

Oral-B $5/1 Vitality electric toothbrush

Pampers $.50/1 wipes 56ct+

Pampers $2/2 bags or 1 box diapers or pants

Pantene $3/2 products

Prilosec OTC $1/1 product

Puffs $.25/3 singles or 1 3pk+

Scope $.50/1 mouthwash 750ml+

Secret $1/1 twin pack excludes .5oz

Swiffer B1G1 free Dust & Shine up to $4.99

Swiffer Buy starter kit, get refill free up to $6 excludes Bissell Steamboost

Tampax $1.50/2 tampons

Tide $2/1 detergent excludes PODS

Tide/Bounce $.50/1 Bounce, Tide washing machine cleaner or Tide boost excludes PODS

Tide/Downy $5/3 Tide detergents, Downy or Tide boost excludes PODS (10/13/13)

Venus $3/1 razor excludes disposables

Vicks $1/1 product excludes VapoDrops and ZzzQuil

Vicks $3/2 products excludes VapoDrops and ZzzQuil

ZzzQuil $1/1 product



Advil $2/1 film coated tables or caplets 20ct+ (11/24/12)

all $1/1 detergent product (11/10/13)

Always $1/2 12ct+ pads or 40ct+ liners TARGET COUPON (10/31/13)

Axe $2/1 4oz bodyspray, 2.7oz anti-perspirant and deodorant or 3oz deodorant ets (10/27/13)

Charmin $.50/1 9pk+ bath tissue TARGET COUPON (10/31/13)

Clear $2/1 Scalp & Hair Therapy product ets (10/27/13)

Degree $1/1 women dry protection product ets (10/27/13)

Degree $2/2 MotionSense or 1 Clinical product ets (10/27/13)

Degree Men $.50/1 MotionSense product ets (10/27/13)

Degree Men $3/2 base twin packs excludes MotionSense and trial (10/27/13)

Del Monte $1/1 Fruit Burst Squeezers 4pk (12/29/13)

Dove $1.50/1 hair care product excludes trial and M+C (10/27/13)

Dove $1/1 beauty bar 6 bar+ excludes trial and M+C (1027/13)

Dove $1/1 body wash 12oz+ excludes trial and M+C (10/27/13)

Dove $1/1 Original Clean, Powder, Fresh or Sensitive skin excludes trial and M+C (10/27/13)

Dove $2/1 Clinical Protection or 2 go sleeveless, go fresh or Clear Tone excludes trial and M+C (10/27/13)

Dove Men+Care $.50/1 hair product ets (10/27/13)

Dove Men+Care $1/1 antiperspirant 2.7oz or deodorant 3oz ets (10/27/13)

Dove Men+Care $1/1 body wash, body and face bar or Active Clean shower tool 13.5oz+ ets (10/27/13)

Dove Men+Care $1/1 face care product ets (10/27/13)

Emergen-C $1.50/1 vitamin drink mix 10ct or 30ct (11/30/13)

Gel Perfect $2/1 product (11/15/13)

Icy Hot $2/1 Advanced product excludes 1ct back patch (12/31/13)

Icy Hot/Aspercreme/Capzasin/Sportscreme or Flexall $1/1 product excludes Icy Hot 1ct back patch (12/31/13)

Knorr $1/1 Homestyle Stock pack (10/27/13)

L’Oreal $1/1 Paris eye product (11/23/13)

L’Oreal $1/1 Paris eye shadow (11/23/13)

No-Mess Express $1/1 polish remover (11/15/13)

Pampers $2 off both 21ct+ diapers and 192ct+ wipes TARGET COUPON (10/31/13)

Renuzit $.50/1 3pk solid air freshener TARGET COUPON (10/28/13)

Rolaids $1/1 3-roll pack excludes single rolls (10/26/13)

Rolaids $1/1 liquid bottle 12oz+ (10/26/13)

Rolaids $1/1 tablet bottle 72ct+ (10/26/13)

Simple $2/1 cleanser or moisturizer excludes wipes and trial (10/27/13)

Snuggle $.50/1 liquid fabric softener or sheets ets (11/10/13)

Sparkle $.50/1 3 roll or smaller package (10/30/13)

Sparkle $1/1 6 roll+ package (10/30/13)



Ajax $.35/1 30oz+ dish liquid (10/19/13)

Ajax $.50/1 dishwasher dish pacs (10/19/13)

Barilla $.75/1 pasta sauce (11/23/13)

Better Than Boullion $.75/1 product (11/30/13)

Betty Crocker $.75/2 Ready to Spread frosting, Supreme Brownie mix, Dessert Bar mix, SuperMoist cake mix or 17.5oz+ cookie mix (11/23/13)

Chex Mix $.50/2 4.5oz+ (11/23/13)

Claritin $4/1 D 15ct+ (10/27/13)

Claritin $5/1 30ct+ (10/27/13)

Crystal Light $1/1 liquid drink mix (10/31/13)

Energizer $.50/1 batteries or flashlight (10/26/13)

Fiber One $.50/1 cereal (11/9/13)

Foster Farms $.75/1 fresh boneless & skinless chicken breasts dnd (11/12/13)

Foster Farms $1/1 bake in tray chicken breasts dnd (11/12/13)

Frigo $.55/1 Cheese Heads Premium Snacking Cheese 10ct+ (11/10/13)

Frigo $.55/1 cheese heads string cheese 6ct+ (11/10/13)

General Mills $1/3 cereals (11/9/13)

General Mills Fruit Snacks $.50/2 Betty Crocker fruit shapes, Fruit by the Foot, Fruit Gushers, Fruit Roll-Ups or Ocean Spray, Mott’s or Sunkist fruit flavored snacks (11/23/13)

Green Mountain Coffee $1.50/1 bag (10/31/13)

Green Mountain Coffee $1/1 K-Cup packs (10/31/13)

Hasbro $3/1 Baby Alive refill (10/27/13)

Hasbro $3/1 Transformers Construct-Bots toy (10/27/13)

Hasbro $5/1 Baby Alive Real Surprises Baby doll or Baby Alive Better Now Baby doll (10/27/13)

Hasbro $5/1 Marvel Iron Man 3 ARC FX Mission Mask toy sku# A1714 or Marvel Iron Man 3 ARC FX Gauntlet toy sku# A1715 (10/27/13)

Hasbro $5/1 Optimus Prime rescue trailer toy sku# A2572 or Spider-Man Web Racing Funhouse toy sku# A0680 (10/27/13)

Hershey’s $1.50/3 Reese’s, Kit Kat, Hershey’s, York, Almond Joy, Mounds, Payday, Jolly Rancher, Milk Duds, Whoppers or Twizzlers snack size bags 9-22oz (10/19/13)

Keurig $5/1 Mini Plus, Elite, Classic, Special Edition, Signature, Platinum, V500 or V700 brewer dnd (10/31/13)

Mentos $.75/1 gum bottle (11/29/13)

Nature Valley $.50/1 granola bars 5ct+, granola thins or soft-baked oatmeal squares (11/23/13)

Ortega $.50/2 products (12/31/13)

OxiClean $1/1 product excluding dishwashing booster (11/12/13)

OxiClean $2.50/2 products excluding dishwashing booster (11/12/13)

Philips Sonicare $5/1 PowerUp 3pk brush head (10/31/13)

Philips Sonicare $5/1 PowerUp battery toothbrush (10/31/13)

Pillsbury $.30/2 refrigerated Grands! biscuits (12/21/13)

Pillsbury $.40/2 crescent dinner rolls excludes twin pack (12/21/13)

Purina $1/1 Beggin 6oz+ (12/29/13)

Purina $1/1 Busy chew treat (12/29/13)

Purina $2/1 ONE beyOnd cat food 3lb+ bag (12/31/13)

Revlon $2 off $4+ beauty tools purchase TARGET COUPON (10/28/13)

SeaPak $.75/1 product (11/10/13)

Shore Lunch $.50/1 soup mix product (11/30/13)

Southeastern Mills $.50/2 gravy mix products (11/30/13)

Swanson $.40/2 broth 32oz+ (11/15/13)

Yoplait $.40/6 cups (11/23/13)

Yoplait $.50/8 cups (11/23/13)

Yoplait $1/5 greek yogurt cups (11/23/13)

Zantac $5/1 24ct+ product (11/24/13)


Free El Monterey Supreme or All Natural Burritos/Chimis at Wal-Mart

There is a new coupon for $1.00 off any El Monterey Supreme or All Natural Burritos/Chimis. The regular Wal-Mart price is $1.00, with the coupon, it’s Free!


(1)  El Monterey Supreme or All Natural Burritos/Chimis

— USE:  $1.00 off any El Monterey Supreme or All Natural Burritos/Chimis (Zip 84123, Foods Category)



More Free Magazine Subscriptions


Here are the free magazines available: (All of the magazines below are 100% Free)

 Bloomberg BusinessWeek 2 YEAR SUBSCRIPTION
For more Free Magazine Subscriptions go HERE.

Thank you Mary!


Amazon: Real Diamond Earrings for Only $49.99 + Free Shipping

diamond earrings

ALL GONE! 🙁    You can still grab these for $64.99 + Free shipping HERE.

Check out this awesome deal going on at right now. You can get 10k White Gold and Round Diamond Stud Earrings (1/10 Cttw, J-K Color, I2-I3 Clarity) with  FREE Shipping and Free Returns for only $49.99. This is a Lightening Deal, and they usually only last a few hours, or until stock runs out. This would make a beautiful Christmas gift. Go HERE to look at this amazing deal. Hurry before they are all gone!

List Price: $99.00
Price: $64.99                      & FREE Shipping and Free Returns. Details
Deal Price: $49.99     & FREE Shipping and Free Returns. Details
You Save: $49.01  (50% off)


(3) Rare Fage Coupons to Print

I can’t remember the last time I saw a printable coupon for Fage Greek Yogurt. This is my favorite Greek Yogurt. It is creamy and delicious. Print the coupons now before they are gone.

I found the following coupons at zip code 60050 under the Foods category.

$1 off (2) 17.6oz Fage Total Fage Fruyo Yogurt
$1 off (4) 5.3, 6 or 7oz Size of Fage Total or Fruyo Yogurt
$1 off any 35.3oz Fage Total Yogurt



Halloween Savings For Many Online Stores

spirirtama party city kohls

You can save big with Halloween Discount codes and coupons. A bunch of stores are offering coupon codes and coupons to save on Halloween costumes, and supplies. Below is a list of the stores. The number in parentheses is the amount of coupons the store is offering.

Spirit Halloween (6)
ShindigZ (4)
Amazon (3)
Wholesale Halloween Costumes (3)
BuyCostumes (2)
Disney Store (2)
Halloweenmart (2)
Kmart (2)
Party City (2)
Carter’s (1)
Costume Express (1)
Costume Kingdom (1)
Costume SuperCenter (1)
Expedia (1)
Halloween Express (1)
Halloween Horror Nights (1) (1)
Home Depot (1)
Kohls (1)
One Stop Plus (1)
PersonalizationMall (1)
Prank Place (1)
ThinkGeek (1)s.